Eric Chaussé is a freelancing director and editor for all sorts of projects. I specialize in shows video recording and have worked on many short films, documentary and web videos. I am passionate, resourceful and creative.

SINCE 2010

I work as a director and editor for Cirque du soleil. I have directed many show recording as well as live events, documentary (long and short), making of, corporate, web and promo videos.


I have done editing jobs for Toast Media and Toast Studio, a production company based in Montréal. I have worked on various projects including “A Ne Pas Faire a la Maison”, “Pas Game!”, an ad campaign for L’Oreal Paris, and many more.

2015 - 2018

I have worked for 3 years on LIKE MOI, a TV sketch show produced by ZONE3


I have worked on a couple projects at Quebecomm including the post-production of Cirque du Soleil Toruk The First Flight and Luzia show recording.


The short films I directed have been screened in many film festivals around the world.

My Works

A selection of various projects I worked on